Starting: 29, September 2022.
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About The Course

Learn to create marketing content, use social media to amplify your message, make content discoverable in search, run Ads campaigns and advertise on Facebook. Additionally, learn how display and video ads work and how to market with email, and measure and optimize with Google Analytics. If you own a business, are a blogger, entrepreneur or want to attract more people to your page, you need to learn how to advertise on social media platform efficently and effectively.

₦50,000.00                   ₦35,000.00

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Classroom/Corporate Learning Venue: No. 83 Emir Yahaya Road, Near Zenith Bank, Sokoto South, Sokoto State.

Marketing has always been a vital part of every successful business. Every business owner needs digital marketing to promote his products and services. Marketing allows you to reach a broader audience, generate more sales and increase brand awareness. However, successful marketing campaigns require various types of skills.

Internet marketing has reached enviable heights in the last five years and is expected to continue to grow and expand in the future. Now, you are probably wondering if you need it. The answer is – yes, you do!

This complete digital marketing course will help you master various types of strategies that will help you boost your sales at the end of the training.


  • EMPLOYMENT: We are in partnership with tech firms who are ready to employ you immediately after the course.
  • INTERNSHIP: 100% guaranteed, 4 weeks internship with a tech firm to exercise your knowledge .

Welcome to our digital marketing training course in Sokoto, Nigeria.

Digital Marketing Skills You Will Learn

  • Website Set Up
  • Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)
  • Social Media Marketing (S.M.M) e.g. Facdbook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Email Marketing
  • CopyWriting
  • Content Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Analystics
  • Link building and lots more


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Marketers
  • Students
  • People who intend to sell online
  • Public Relation personnel

To be honest, everybody who is yet to have the skill, because we sell either ourselves, products or services, ideas every day. Digital marketing skill can help you.


Duration: Four (4) weeks

Starting Date: 29, September 2022.


Week Days : 2 Day per week (Thursday: 9am-12pm + 1 day with our team)


  • You Should Have a Business to Market
  • You Should be Willing to Become a Marketing Ninja
  • Be Open to Spending a lot of Time Online


Unlike any other computer course or degree programs, digital marketing gives you a huge scope and multitude of job options. If you compare, you will find these jobs are quite interesting and dynamic.

In the coming future, digital marketing skills will be a prerequisite for any marketing student. Students who start now will have early bird advantage. You can also do the digital marketing course along with your regular degree program, therefore by the time you pass out, you will be industry ready.

Digital marketing is becoming the most sought-after skill. Being a student if you are pursuing graduation degree like, B.A., digital marketing will get you preference over others and better pay.

Besides this digital marketing will also help you to promote your startup at very low cost and you have total control, can measure and reach your consumer sitting another corner of the world or country.

Do I need to apply? What are the admission criteria?

No. This Learning Groove Int'l program accepts all applicants regardless of experience and specific background.

What jobs will this program prepare me for?

Graduates will be uniquely prepared to fill a wide array of digital marketing roles. These include: Social media analyst, Social media manager, Social media community manager, Social media coordinator, Social media marketer, Social media strategist, SEO manager, SEO analyst, SEO partnership specialist, SEO strategist, Digital marketing manager, Internet marketing manager, Website optimization manager, SEM analyst, SEM manager, SEM marketing coordinator, Search analyst, Paid search marketing manager, Digital marketing manager, Head of growth and acquisition, and Email marketing manager.

What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

The Digital Marketing Learning Groove Int'l program is designed for students with any skill level and work background. Students should be comfortable using a computer, navigating social media platforms, and writing and reading in English.

What software and versions will I need in this program?

To enroll, students should have:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • A Gmail account
  • A Facebook account to complete the projects.


All our students are entitled to 2 weeks internship program in order to put their new skills to use in real life scenarios. They will be given projects and supervised by industry professionals.


  • Google Garage Certification

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